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Patent Attorney John Lynn

About Discovery IP Law

John Lynn has over 25 years as an in-house, business focused patent attorney and he has also founded a number of start up companies. Accordingly, John is one of the rare patent lawyers who both knows his way around a patent and is also a seasoned businessman. This background helps assure that he treats each client's money as if it were his own.

Lynn started his early career as a chemical engineer for DuPont, after graduating from Vanderbilt University. He later switched careers and became a corporate lawyer at Dupont. In addition to intensive training in patent law he also became a corporate business lawyer. After a 3 year stint in Geneva, Switzerland doing M&A work for DuPont, Lynn ended up in Austin, TX as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of DuPont Photomasks (a publicly traded high tech company later sold to Toppan for $650m).

Adding to his reputation as a businessman's lawyer, Lynn left the big time corporate world to work on startups. Lynn continued to keep his patent skills sharp as he handled over a dozen of his own patents and multiple start up companies based upon those inventions. One of the startups (Squid Soap) was bought in a seven figures deal and three of the Lynn startups have produced consumer products that ended up on store shelves. In short, Lynn knows both the patent world and the practicalities of the business world.

For most of the past 6 years Lynn worked doing IP scouting for Capital Southwest Corporation (CSW) and IP consulting for a handful of CSW subsidiaries. Lynn continues to do the IP consulting for CSW and its subsidiaries but in mid-2014, Lynn started up his own solo patent law firm, Discovery IP Law, PLLC. Lynn continues to do extensive IP consulting for the CSW family but is also working with other clients.

Because of this background as both a patent lawyer and a businessman, Lynn is hyper focused on strategies that result in a competitive advantage for his clients at the lowest cost possible.